Fencing 101


Planning a fence installation?

With a little prep work and planning your project will be much less daunting.

1. Check with your HOA to be sure there are no restrictions on the type of fence you have in mind. Run a plan through them for approval if necessary.
2. Locate your plat to determine your property lines when installing boundary fencing.
3. Locate all underground utilities. Call 811 !
4. In the case of divider fence, discuss your intentions with your neighbor and see if they would consider pooling resources and sharing the cost of the divider fence.
5. Is it under 6 feet tall in El Paso county? If so, in most places you can build your fence without a permit! If it’s over 6 feet tall you are required to obtain a permit.
6. Determine your fence style and all materials necessary before starting to accurately assess the costs involved.
Should I get help or do it myself? Answer the following 3 questions to find what’s best for you.

1. Do you have the equipment and tools? In Colorado terrain, the ground can be brutally tough to dig through. You may need to rent a bobcat with an auger attachment.
2. Do you have the knowledge and skills? Many people with no experience can learn and install an average fence, however do you understand the necessary footing system for your fence to ensure it stands upright with a long life? The winds can be damaging to fence (especially privacy) in Colorado, and stretching wire of any type requires 3 to 4 feet deep by 9 to 12” wide holes on your H braces with a lot of concrete.
3. Lastly, do you have the time?

Ask yourself these questions as you plan your dream fence project!